Monural Drug Explainer Video Series

  • Zambon Pharma Russia
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Educational / Product Video
  • B2B / B2C
  • Clinicians, Pharmacists, Distributors
  • Whiteboard Animationn
  • 428 Seconds
  • Russian
  • 4 weeks


The main task of the video series was to tell about one of the companies product in educational way.


To fulfil the task we chose whiteboard style that fitted perfectly for educational animated videos.


Increasing brand loyalty among specialists and distributors.

The video series were to tell about two researches that revealed efficiency of an active substance that is used in an antibiotic drug produced by the company.

The goal was to show the Monural drug adventages in UTI treatment in a simple and understandable manner.

To create these explainer video series our team had to examine two studies (the Local epidemiology and resistance profiles in AUC in women and the Nothern Dimension Antibiotic Resistance Study on UTI) and transform them into a storyline that was further adopted for the whiteboard style.

It was a learning experience and a tough challenge, as we had to visualize complex information by maximally simple means in minimal style of whiteboard animation.

Check Out The Final Cut

We showed this videos to doctors – and they made quite an impression! The stories are told dynamically and interesting. We loved lots of details and the professional way the Fillum.Pro team did their job.
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