ROD Explainer Video

  • Broma16
  • Music
  • Promo / Explainer Video
  • B2C
  • Musicians and Producers
  • Character Animation, Motion Design
  • 79 Seconds
  • Russian and English
  • 5 days


Create an explainer video for a contest under a tight deadline.


Development of a clear pipeline for completing the task in time with one extra day for a round of corrections.


The video with a contest entry were sent just in time.

As the main concept of this video explainer had been provided by the client, all we had to do was making the video within a tight deadline.

We quickly prepared a storyboard and a couple of style frames to choose from.
After approval we started making animatic and illustrations for every scene of the video at the same time so that we would have two days to create animation and one extra day for corrections if needed.

Key Service Features

Mechanics of the service is dealing with big data.
It optimizes inquiry sending process, authorship confirmation and royalty collection.

To visualize this feature we’ve created a scheme in which the service is represented as a CPU that exchanges data with multiple sources.

A principal contrast to usual royalty collection model. The latter makes an author sign a contract that provides no details on how much cash and from which sources the author will receive.

This contrast was embodied in colors: all the scenes related to the classical model were made black and white causing associations with imperfect and outdated technology, the new ROD model - brightly colored.

Check Out The Final Cut

So many thanks to the whole Fillum.Pro team for their work that was performed expertly!
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