1DayTaxi Explainer Promo Video

  • OneDayTaxi
  • Licensing Service
  • Promo / Commercial
  • B2C
  • Men (ages 18-60)
  • Character Animation, Motion Design
  • 33 Seconds
  • Russian
  • 1 week


The purpose of the video was to increase targeted traffic to the site using Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.


We focused on simplicity of receiving a taxi license in three steps, showing all of them using shape-morphing.


The video increased targeted traffic nearly 5 times and the services sales increased thrice.

As we know, any promo or commercial video should be concise, so the obvious decision was to highlight competitive advantages of this service.

The main advantages are simplicity and speed of obtaining the service of rapid document circulation. The need for making a character who was to go through this story was evident. In the beginning the character could not start working as a taxi driver due to absence of a license. In the end of the story the character received the documents using the advertised service and he could get a job. The story was to be told and come to its punchline in a very quick way. To solve our task we tried minimal design with limited color palette and used simple shape morphing technique.

3-steps emphasis
Morphing a smartphone to an envelope and then to a watch shows us simplicity of the whole process: you leave a request online or by a call, send documents scans by email and the next day you get your ready license.
Explainer Video Storyboard
Explainer Video Storyboard
Explainer Video Storyboard

Check Out The Final Cut

This is an excellent explainer video production! We enjoyed intense energy and great professionalism of the whole team and highly recommend everyone working with Fillum.Pro and nobody else.
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