Team.IQOS Explainer Video

  • Philip Morris International
  • Tobacco
  • Promo / Explainer Video
  • B2B / B2C
  • Distributors and Consumers
  • Character Animation, Motion Design
  • 97 Seconds
  • Russian and English
  • 2 weeks


The purpose of the video was to tell what Team.IQOS referral program is.


To hit the target audience a customer profile was displayed through a male character.


Increasing customer loyalty and sign-ups on the platform.

The storyline offered by the client had no characters in it.

So we suggested to rewrite the script to make an explainer video more personalized to the target audience – and so a character called Gennady appeared.

We also developed an easy-to-understand story that displayed advantages of using the referral program: the main character told his friend about the company’s product and the latter purchased it.

Key Project Features

The explainer video was to show the user interface of the Team.IQOS referral program website.

For that purpose we recreated the website’s existing design adopted for mobile devices and showed its work.

The program has multiple ways of rewarding participants with bonus points.

We visualized that with help of a counter that displayed bonus points awarding for actions in the program.

Check Out The Final Cut

We love this video! The text is very comprehensible, the graphics is enjoyable, the animation is very detailed – one cane see that designers and animators at Fillum.Pro made it very carefully… well, everything is neatly done! Our cooperation was a very pleasant experience.
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