How much does an explainer video cost?

So here you are. Maybe you are already amazed by the pricing range of explainer video costs? And maybe you start thinking “oh, I could do that myself for that money”? Take your time, we’ll try to answer the crucial question:

How much does an explainer video cost?

Well, when you ask about explainer video price, unfortunately there is no answer but “it depends…”. Probably you find no full-service video production studio with ready pricing plans. And we are not an exception too. Because too many factors influence explainer video pricing and the main of them are the following:

Goals and Objectives
of Your Explainer Video
Your Target Audience
and Business Specificity
Animation Style
and Your Video Duration
and Turnaround Times
What does an explainer video price usually consist of?

Average explainer video cost is about $5000–$15000 and comprises expenses on the following specialists:

ACCOUNT MANAGERS who negotiate with you and deliver your requests to a studio team

MARKETERS who do market research of your business

WRITERS who create your story and write a script

DESIGNERS who draw sketches, develop a storyboard, design and illustrations

ANIMATORS who bring your story to live

PRODUCERS AND DIRECTORS who control the whole production process

SOUND DESIGNERS who create sound effects for your video

VOICE OVER ACTORS who make your story audible

Any cheaper alternative?

Yes, there are. There are 4 main ways to create a video explainer, each with their pros and cons. We’ll overview them in order from worst to best:

  • DIY
  • Hire a freelancer
  • Contact a professional video production company
  • Contact a freelance video production studio
Price: lowest

There are a lot of tools, services and templates for creating a video with your own hands! Just buy them, read the manual and use your fantasy!

PRICE. This is the cheapest way. The only expenses include purchasing some soft or template and your time. An average cost is around $50-100.

TIME. This can be the fastest way to create your video. If you want it done fast – just try your best.

QUALITY. Let’s face the truth: you’re not a video professional. The overall quality of a video you create yourself shall always be lower, than professionals can perform.

LOST TIME. Video soft and templates can be hard enough for you. So after several attempts you’ll just give up. Time is an irreplaceable loss.

MANY MORE. You risk your reputation making a low-quality cheap explainer video. You risk losing ownership of the final product due to using templates. You lack direction skills in video production. Should we continue?

Price: low–mid

You can get a jack-of-all-trades at some freelance marketplace and he or she will do all the work you need to get an explainer video.

PRICE. It’s always cheaper paying a single person than hiring a team. You can get an explainer video for $300-500.

TIME. You set the deadline and stimulate a quick turnaround (paying more, of course).

QUALITY. One person that replaces a team of professionals? Is he like Leonardo DaVinci or Benjamin Franklin?

LOST TIME. In most cases when you try to find a reliable freelancer it takes a long time. You’ll have to look through hundreds of profiles and read dozens of replies. And still in most cases you’re buying a pig in a poke.

Price: high-highest

There are many video companies. Some of them are famous and luxurious, some make videos cheap and cheerful. Explainer video cost in professional video companies starts from $5000-7000 for 60 seconds and has no limits.

QUALITY and TIME. Most video companies have a complete team of professionals that do their job well.

PRICE. Your explainer video price can be a substantial amount. Sometimes that’s a critical factor.

Price: low–mid

In accordance with the laws of economics, everyone is trying to reduce expenditures. Freelance video companies - as we at Fillum.Pro - are trying to cut unnecessary costs to suggest you the best competitive offer!

QUALITY and TIME. We work only with skilled professionals. And we’ve got a reputation to maintain.

PRICE. A freelance video company seems to be the most effective organization form that can provide an amazing price/quality ratio!

SCHEDULE. Our studio never makes more than three-four videos at the same time to keep up the highest quality of our videos.

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Want to reduce your explainer video cost?

Well, too many elements affect how much an explainer video can cost. But as it always happens – some people manage to change difficulties into their competitive advantages! Unlike most of explainer video production studios, our freelance studio evades all unnecessary expenses. We cooperate remotely with all our regular staff members who are involved in the production process. That lets us rapidly reduce explainer video pricing and still produce high quality videos. The minimal cost of an explainer video in our studio is only $750 per minute and this price includes a full-service production.

Is an explainer video price worth it?

You can’t even imagine how much an animated explainer video can boost your business! Just take a look at our works and read about the outcome. Our professional team will do all its best to make expended explainer video cost pay its way. If you want to know more about explainer videos – read this article, that tells how to make a perfect explainer video for your business.

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