Making a good explainer video for business
How to make a good explainer video for your business?

When it comes to making an explainer video for business you’ve got to keep in mind that a good one (unlike a bad one) fulfills a wide range of tasks. An amateur might think that an explainer video is just for showing your product or service on some screens – and would be wrong. We should keep in mind that every video for business is for building brand awareness and its target audience must be identified. When you want to catch a fish, it’s not just about throwing a hook into water: you’ve got to know which bate to use, what time to choose and where the best place for fishing is. No matter what your company does, there is no difference whether you need an explainer video for business or startup, whether you need a sales video, a product video or a brand video – same rules apply. We did not invent them – everything is based upon many studies in disciplines as marketing, sociology and behavioral psychology. And if you don’t stick to the rules making a business explainer video – the budget is usually wasted. And – which can be much worse – you spoil your reputation. Now let us give you some tips that can save you money and make your video really effective!

Looking for a good idea of an explainer video

Before making an explainer video for your business, at least a minimum marketing analysis should take a place. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and there never can be. The team that will create your explainer video must define your target audience and learn to think as your potential customers. The video must be addressed to your client’s soul and mind using same thinking patterns as your client does.

Firstly, every good business animated video is an interesting story for your clients, so the next inevitable important step is writing a neat script. It must contain your potential client’s problem that can be solved with help of your product or service. This process should be clearly shown in your explainer. Other significant details that must be mentioned are your competitive advantages that put your product ahead of multiple rivals. It is a crucial factor, especially if you’re making a startup explainer video.

Appropriate duration for a business explainer video

Here is a rare situation when the answer “it depends” is wrong! Recent studies show that keeping viewer’s attention is becoming a more and more complex problem. That’s why a good explainer video for business should not be longer than 60 seconds. That is exactly a “less is more” situation. The highest impact is in the first 15 seconds – that is the period the viewers are most involved. A perfect animated explainer video should be able to keep all eyes on it from the very first second. That’s your finest hour: your video meets the audience – don’t disappoint them and never let them feel bored. Animation videos for companies that are quite known to the customers can be a little longer, since the brand is already attractive itself, but when we talk about explainer videos for small businesses or startups – brevity is the soul of wit. So it’s very important to choose the main plot of your product or service and deliver it to the client in a flash (and in an easy-to-understand and convincing way).

How much to spend on your business explainer video?

There is no upper limit – you can add special effects, an exclusive audio track recorded by a symphony orchestra and win the Cannes Lions or some other award. But usually people are trying to save on making videos for their businesses. So the only advice that is reasonable - don’t try to save too much. After all, this video is a part of your brand policy! If you’re short of money, try to find a compromise solution for your animated explainer video that shall not affect the quality. For example, you can reduce length of an explainer video, or exclude character animation (and don’t use a symphony orchestra!) to reduce expenses. Anyhow, so many factors can amend the price of an explainer video, that we’ve got another article on the subject.

Well, if you don’t want to learn every nuance of making an animated explainer video for business – just leave it to us. Ordering a business explainer video at Fillum.Pro is a decision that should definitely boost your business, save your time and money and keep you one step ahead of your competitors!

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