A short explainer video guide
Why an explainer video?

When you start thinking about a catchy way to demonstrate your product, sooner or later you will come up with ideas of a good explainer video. At first sight it seems to be just an animated video about your product or service that shows them in action, or conveys your business idea in a simple and accessible format. But from a marketing perspective it is a perfect tool for telling your clients that you understand their needs and problems, and that you’ve got the right solution for them.

The principal decision you’re to make in the very beginning is choosing from different ways of making your explainer video. The most common ones are animated video and live action video. The latter always implies video shooting and sometimes involvement of actors is needed – and that can be really expensive. On another hand, video animation is several times cheaper and much faster in production. The major advantage of animated video is absence of limitations that are always present when you take live action videos. For example, you can create any character in whatever situation or surrounding. Also, you can edit your finished animated explainer video anytime simply by modifying animation or changing a part of voice-over… that is much easier and cheaper than live reshooting!

Guide on explainer video styles

Three essential animated explainer video styles are Motion Graphics, Character Animation and Whiteboard Animation.
Different goals are to be reached by different means - you should use the most effective ones for reaching yours! We’ll overview the most common ways of making a good explainer video to help you choose the most appropriate explainer video style.

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics is actually anything that moves, and all the styles of animated videos are 2D or 3D motion graphics.

But usually when we talk about motion graphics, we mean that a video doesn’t include any character animation and consists of simple shapes or abstract forms that are animated in dynamic ways.
This is a brilliant method of describing complex concepts. Or bring your logo, your software or product to live.
But mostly it is used in combination of different techniques. Typical animated explainer video consists of both motion graphics and character animation.

Explainer Video Tips
Character Animation
Character Animation is a style that has a person as the center of a whole story told the video.

Customizing character’s age, look and style you can evoke a strong emotional connection with your target audience. And don’t forget to include your brand colors in the surrounding to create even stronger bonds with your clients!

Explainer Video Tips
Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard Animation is an explainer video style that includes writing or drawing on a whiteboard-like surface.

Whiteboard explainer video is a remarkable way of narration that makes your story memorable and easy-to-understand. The animation is often accompanied by script that gives you much scope for marking key ideas.

Explainer Video Tips
Creating a powerful animated explainer video

Every explainer video production must go through six fundamental phases to become a valuable part of your publicity campaign. Here are the six steps to making a good animated explainer video:

RESEARCH: We closely study your product to understand its strongest components that can be shown in your motion explainer video

IDEA/SCRIPT: We communicate with your company to understand the product’s philosophy and to focus on the main values you bring to your clients. Also we discuss your precise targets and goals. The result becomes the backbone of the video.

VOICE OVER: The part where the story turns into words that will make your story break into the minds of the crowd. A good voice over can set your clients into the right mood.

STORYBOARD/ANIMATIC: At this stage it starts being clear what your animated explainer video will look like.

DESIGN and ANIMATION: Well, it’s actually our main job - we create video animation!

SOUND DESIGN: A part that never should be omitted! Your motion explainer video is not ready until music and every sound in it is perfect!

Choosing an explainer video production company

There's a wide choice of video production companies and the only option that matters in choosing one of all of them is price and quality ratio. We at Fillum.Pro pay much attention to every step of video production from research to sound design to supply you with an effective and high quality explainer video. We have a huge experience in motion graphics, character animation and whiteboard explainer video production of all types, for different industries and business models. And we are always ready to find an optimal solution for your budget! You can rely on us ordering an explainer video - just watch our works, they’ll tell you much more than words.

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